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Second Time Around family furniture shop opens in Westgate

Originally published via Kent Online A much-loved second hand furniture store in the capital is opening up a brand new premises in Kent this week. Second Time Around, founded in 1982 in Lewisham, London, is branching out its business and has unveiled a store in Thanet. The shop will be open Monday to Friday The 10,000 sq ft…

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The Last Rag and Bone Man in London – Vice Magazine

Originally posted in Vice Magazine   Until the end of the 1970s, the scrap collectors were a familiar sight all over the city. Now, not so much. By Francisco Garcia 23 October 2019, 1:15am ShareTweetSnap LEFT: BILLY: GRANGER. RIGHT: ITEMS FOR SALE IN SECOND TIME AROUND. The guy at the front gate was adamant. You can’t…

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